Drupal 8 Explained book

Project Details

Client Name
April 2017
Book - 440 pages
Amazon, Leanpub, OSTraining, and Pantheon
Contract Status
Signed Feb 2017

For millions, books remain a valuable and powerful way to learn web development. These books become a handy reference that developers refer back to and use for years. Quite often, they are shared with family and friends.

Within the open source communities, some independent brands have flourished apart from the major publishing firms. One such brand is the Explained books from OSTraining. We started in 2011 with “Joomla Explained” and have since become a trusted brand within these close-knitted open source communities.

What sets us apart from other books is that we also run OSTraining.com, the number one online training company for open source CMS’s. Our support experience is a hands-on lesson in how to make learning fun, and how to teach in a way that makes it simple and easy to learn.

Our “Drupal 7 Explained” book became the best selling Drupal book. Intent on gaining a stronger foothold of the Drupal hosting market, Pantheon hosting sponsored our “Drupal 8 Explained” book.

The sponsorship means that we use Pantheon hosting as the sole alternative to teach how to host a Drupal site. Included in the sponsorship, they got lots of ebooks to use as lead generators.