WordPress Beginner Tutorial Course

Project Details

Client Name
December 2016
Video Course - 40 Videos
YouTube and OSTraining
Minors in 2017
Contract Status
Renewed Oct 2017

"We care about the WordPress community" are words a lot of hosting companies say. However, few put their money where their mouth is.

When GoDaddy partnered with OSTraining and invested to create a significant library of beginner WordPress videos, they could have placed the videos at their site, accessible in a way that provided them with contacts for their sales funnel.

However, they chose to place these videos for free on YouTube accessible to everyone - - no strings attached. The community sees that type of outreach, and to them, that spells commitment and generosity.

These types of sponsorships build genuine good-faith - - in a way no other type of marketing investment can. 

The 40 videos of the GoDaddy-sponsored WordPress training are the most comprehensive and up-to-date free WordPress training videos available on the web. GoDaddy's sponsorship will make sure they continue to be.

The training teaches how to install and host WordPress at GoDaddy exclusively. All videos link to a specific landing page at GoDaddy that enables them to track conversions resulting from this sponsorship.