Drupal 8 Beginner Tutorials course

Project Details

Client Name
December 2015
Video Course - 63 Videos
YouTube, Acquia Academy, and OSTraining
Minor in 2017, Major for 2018
Contract Status
Renewed 2017

At OSTraining we have discovered that developers are 3X more likely to try a new technology when they know there is reputable training available for it.

  • Some developers start with a disciplined approach to go through the training before starting to build their first site.
  • Others, perhaps more confident in their abilities, start by watching a few videos and then begin.
  • Like those folks that never read instructions, some devs dive right in unprepared and only use the training videos once they get stuck.

The key take-away is that ALL devs only decided to try the new software, after they saw there was good training available for it.

Among the major CMS's Acquia took the leadership when instead of using it's own training department, it decided to partner with OSTraining to create a library of Drupal training.

This 63 beginner video course is part of a +200 video library that includes intermediate and advanced training available at Acquia Academy and at OSTraining.

However, it's the beginner training that has become the gateway for hundreds of thousands of new Drupal users. It was seen over one million times during the first year, and continues to get more than 70k views per month almost 2 years after we first published it. 

Some of the users are new to web development. However, and this is the interesting part, most came from competing CMS's.