Training-Marketing for Magento: A Success Story

A little more than a year ago, we partnered with Nexcess Hosting to create a sponsored video course on Magento 2. From the start, this was meant to be a marketing investment. The course would be designed to solidify Nexcess’ lead as the top Magento hosting company at the same time it would strengthen its relationship with the Magento community.

Our trainer, an experienced Magento user worked with the Nexcess team to understand what sets their company apart from other Magento webhosts. During an initial interview with the Nexcess team, we learned what their specific objectives were. For example, sometimes a sponsor might have just launched a new feature that the training needs to explain in a very specific way.

Then, working with the OSTraining marketing team, we drafted a course syllabus that would successfully teach the subject matter at the same time it would promote the Nexcess brand in a positive way. It was in the process of creating the syllabus that it was determined the course would need about 30 videos. Throughout the process, the team from Nexcess okayed our plans, with a comment here or there.

Companies often ask us, how much involvement will it take to create a training-marketing course with OSTraining? The truth is: it’s a minimal input that requires very little time. In the case of Nexcess, based on what we learned during the initial interview, we were able to anticipate a lot of what they wanted to accomplish and were able to build that into the syllabus and the video scripts.

The Magento 2 Beginner Tutorial is now approaching 200,000 views and is the first search result on YouTube for “Magento 2”. So we can confidently say that the 30-video course has been a remarkable success.

With a minimal investment, the course introduced Nexcess hosting to tens of thousands of starting Magento users. During the last year, the training placed the Nexcess brand in front of viewers one could describe as very qualified traffic and for more than 2,000 minutes per day. More importantly, each of those new fans of Magento learned to build their first Magento site using Nexcess.

This is one more example how training-marketing from OSTraining is a great value for the money.