Training-Marketing with a Book Sponsorship?

Even though we’ve been successfully selling video training-marketing sponsorships for over two years now, we still run into companies that just don’t get it. They see training as an expense they wish they could avoid. However, once these companies see videos on YouTube with hundreds of thousands of views, and realize that these training videos were able to place their competitor’s brands in front of starting web developers for thousands of minutes a day, it suddenly becomes clear to them and they get it.

In contrast with video sponsorships, a book sponsorship is altogether a different marketing proposal. It can be equally valuable, but very different. While the videos are part of a company’s push marketing strategy, the books are a perfect complement to the company’s pull marketing strategy. The videos introduce the sponsor’s company and services to thousands of new users. The books, on the other hand, are incredibly valuable at pulling new users closer, one-by-one, while building loyalty.

The video and book sponsorships work very effectively together, which is the reason we now sell them as a package.

About OSTraining’s “Explained” series of books

For millions, books remain a valuable and powerful way to learn web development. These books become a handy reference that developers refer back to and use for years. Quite often, they are shared with family and friends.

Within the Open Source communities, some independent brands have flourished apart from the major publishing firms. One such brand is the “Explained” series of books from OSTraining. We started in 2011 with “Joomla Explained” and have since become a trusted brand within these close-knitted Open Source communities.

What sets our books apart from others is that we have trained thousands of newcomers and thousands more who’ve experimented with the software but haven’t mastered it yet. Burge and the OSTraining team make learning fun. Like our online training, you learn by following enjoyable, step-by-step instructions. OSTraining books are written in plain English and are supported by plenty of online documentation and videos.

Books are a favorite among the more than ten thousand baby boomers that retire every day.

Books are part of a marketing strategy

Our books have only one sponsor. This means that when a company sponsors a book, their logo is placed on the cover. In this way, it will get thousands of impressions on Amazon, and that’s just the start.

Throughout the book, we will use and refer back to the sponsor’s services. For example, if the sponsor is a hosting company, we will use them exclusively to teach how to install and set up the site on a web host. In the training, we will take the time to explain the sponsor’s hosting features and other qualities that set them apart. Within the book, we can include a chapter about the sponsor as well as up to four ads.

Using the book to pull them in

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of sponsoring an “Explained” book is the 1,000-40,000 ebooks the sponsorship includes. The sponsorship agreement states that the sponsor may use these “however it sees fit.” Because these are legitimate books, usually among the best-sellers for their categories on Amazon, they carry a high perceived value. That means that they will be very effective for a lot of pull-marketing ideas including:

  • Using them in combination with the videos.
  • Using the ebooks as part of an upsell campaign for existing users.
    • E.g. “Upgrade to this plan today and get this ebook worth $10.”
  • Using the ebooks as a lead generating device for paid marketing campaigns.
    • E.g. “Sign up today and get this ebook.” or “Visit our site today and get…”
  • Using the ebooks to engage social media.
    • E.g. “The first 50 retweets get this ebook.”
  • Using the ebooks as a lead generator at conferences and trade shows.

The combination of the videos and the book will leave a lasting impression on starting web developers. These sponsorships show that your company is serious about supporting the community. They are great at building good faith. Both the videos and the books are able to introduce your company to starting web developers who are new to our industry, have no brand loyalties, and are not set in their ways. For these reasons, both are able to sell your services very effectively.

Some examples of successful sponsored books: