Tracking the ROI of Sponsored Videos on YouTube

A long time ago, advertisers had to guess how effective a print, radio, or tv campaign had been. Then came online marketing and, to a great degree, ended that guessing game.

That’s because, in stark contrast to non-digital marketing, with online marketing we are able to see (almost) exactly how each dollar we invest performs.

Our training-marketing at OSTraining may be different from traditional online marketing, but we still want to track it. It’s just not enough that the YouTube training videos a company sponsored generated loads of good faith and more than 2 million views. They want to see the ROI!

When we started with YouTube training videos, we discovered that tracking traffic out of YouTube could be a little tricky. We have found a few solutions that work well, though in all honesty, they will only measure a small portion of the impact.

The Video Intro Image

We are able to design a special video intro image for each video. While it’s playing, the trainer can thank the sponsor as well as point out a special promo code or other relevant information.

In some cases we can also include an additional followup image or video explaining to the viewer where to find the offer, for example.

Because the video intro image is part of the video itself, we are not able to update it because to do so would mean we would be replacing the entire video.

The Video Description

Each video on YouTube has a video description and, unlike the intro image, we are able to change the video description easily and fairly regularly.

In the description we can include links, information on special offers, coupon codes, product release dates, as well as other information the sponsor may want to say at different times during the year.

Links on Top of the YouTube Video

We can overlay links directly on the YouTube videos. To make them more effective, in the video, the trainer can guide the viewer and explain how to enter the coupon code, and even help them with their checkout at the sponsor’s site.

Tracking Links

It’s important to note that OSTraining never earns referrals from training-marketing. That being said, the sponsor can supply us with a different tracking link for each video that will enable them to see how much traffic is being sent to their site directly from YouTube.

It’s remarkable that the videos are able to place the sponsor’s logo in front of viewers for several thousand minutes each day. That is an enormous amount the way the web measures impressions. This means that a lot of viewers will probably access the site directly on their own.

Special Landing Pages

A landing page designed specifically to address the knowledge level, interests, and concerns of the YouTube viewer will be much more effective than sending them to a regular landing page at the sponsor’s site.

In addition to that, the landing page needs to take into account the fact that this person already knows about the company because the trainer has been telling him about it. This means that this starting web developer has began to develop a relationship with the company. The landing page needs to take advantage of that.

The training videos are able to tell viewers a lot of great things about the sponsor and even direct them to the sponsor’s site, however it is up to the sponsor to develop the right sales funnel to convert this unique type of very qualified traffic.

We know these people well, we can help!

Special Training on the Landing Pages

We could create special video tutorials that complement different skills taught in the YouTube course. As the YouTube training video ends, the trainer would invite the viewer to follow a on top of the video or the link in the video description to a special landing page at the sponsor’s site where the viewer would be able to see the complimentary video.

It’s a very simple, easy, and effective way to get the Youtube viewer to visit the sponsor’s site.

The Trainer’s Script

We can tailor what the trainer says and how he says it to direct viewers to the links and to the sponsor’s site in a myriad of ways.


Coupons and promos work great with YouTubers. It can be a free trial, a limited time offer, a perennial offer, a free upgrade, a free OSTraining book, more free training, or anything of value designed to get the viewer to visit the sponsor’s site.

The combination of the trainer’s endorsement and the offer can guarantee an unusually high conversion rate. This makes it possible that almost every viewer at YouTube visits the sponsor’s special landing pages.

To be most effective, it needs to be mentioned in the intro image, by the trainer, and in the video description. Coupons might be the most effective way to track conversions from YouTube videos.