Case Study: a Small Training-Marketing Project

How does training become marketing?

To quote Freddy Mercury, “It’s a kind of magic”.

Training-marketing requires a little magic because it must accomplish two very different objectives: teaching people how to use a product and also driving more business for its owner.

Here are the three techniques we use to turn training into marketing:

  1. We broaden the target audience. When our training is placed on YouTube on the OSTraining channel, it becomes accessible to the world. Properly tagged and indexed, it will organically become available to anyone searching the web.
  2. We show off the product features. Our trainer takes the time to get to know the product or service and understand everything that went into its design. He does this so that our videos are able to explain and show off its features the way the creators want them explained.
  3. We tell them we love the product. Lastly, the trainer who has been working for a few weeks getting to know the product or service becomes enamored by it. We make sure this personal endorsement comes across in the training videos.

Component Creator for Joomla – a Case Study

For the last 5 years, Component Creator from Søren Jensen, has been helping Joomla developers build custom Joomla components. His service takes the tediousness out of building Joomla components and makes it easy – – they don’t have to write a single line of code.

As good as Søren is at making it easy to use, he felt his users could benefit from professional training to get the most out of the many new features he included in v3.0 – – and if this training could also drive new business, then all the better for it!

We work in partnership with the sponsor

With a series of unobtrusive emails and a short call or two, one of our Joomla experts took the time to understand how Søren improved usability and the user experience as well as the new features he added. All in, Søren must have invested 1 hour over the course of a few weeks.

We wanted to understand what made his features special so that we could teach them in a way that makes the viewer understand how clever they are. It’s that attention to detail, channeled through our training, that differentiates OSTraining’s training-marketing from regular video training.

You can judge the result for yourself. We created a short and inexpensive video series that takes a new user and turns him into a Component Creator fan. It showcases the service, its features, and its ease of use at the same time it endorses it and drives traffic – – presto, it’s magic!