Magento Beginner Tutorials Reach 1/4 Million Views on the Day Magento Joins Adobe

Magento Beginner Tutorials Reach 1/4 Million Views on the Day Magento Joins Adobe

Earlier today, Adobe announced it will buy Magento for $1.68 billion.

This type of announcement typically leaves users unsettled. Many Magento users on Reddit don’t seem too happy about it.

While its understandable to fear the unknown, one thing is certain, when anyone spends more than a billion dollars on anything, they most definitely have ambitious plans for it.

For Nexcess Hosting, our training-marketing client, fearful users on Reddit will not immediately translate into companies and websites leaving Magento for another platform. Switching to another eCommerce platform is a tiresome, complicated, and expensive endeavor.

More than likely, that company knows and trusts the Adobe brand so in their eyes, this is a good thing. In the long run, Adobe’s management of Magento would have to screw up in a terrific way for companies to start considering a platform change.

A Positive Future for Magento

This acquisition can only be a good thing for Magento as it finds a home with a Silicon Valley veteran like Adobe – a trusted brand with 100 times more recognition than Magento.

“If you are going to do partnerships, always marry your brand to a stronger one”, the old advertising axiom says. This means a secure future for the Magento platform and the hosting companies like Nexcess that have specialized services for it.

A Great Milestone for Magento Training

Last week, the Magento Beginner Tutorials reached 250,000 views in the last year – an amazing number. Presently these videos are being watched for over 2,000 minutes each day. That means that for 2,000 minutes each day, developers are learning about Nexcess Hosting, and about Magento.

Nexcess can feel confident in their Magento future, and so can you.