How to Target a Lucrative Niche Within the WordPress Market

How to Target a Lucrative Niche Within the WordPress Market

Our training-marketing sponsorships work best when companies sponsor training videos that genuinely benefit the community.

It stands to reason, that companies see these videos as an investment and will only sponsor them if they are going to help grow their business.

At OSTraining, we help these two objectives meet when we create training videos that benefit the community and at the same time help grow the sponsor’s business.

A client with a little-known WordPress integration

Acclaro is a localization and translation services company that helps the world’s leading brands succeed across cultures. They specialize in expertly adapting brands, products, and services to new language markets.

One of Acclaro’s services is website translation. With WordPress powering more than a quarter of the web, it’s not surprising they created an Acclaro integration for the popular WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML).

The integration works seamlessly enabling Acclaro staff to internationalize your website, literally, while you are asleep.

This integration’s purpose is to help Acclaro develop and grow their WordPress website translation business. It’s a great integration, and it holds great potential, but only if people get to know about it and use it.

How do you get the word out about your plugin?

Many companies find themselves in a situation like Acclaro’s. They create an integration or plugin for a platform or CMS and don’t know what the best way to promote it is.

It’s a difficult position for them to be in, as far as their marketing is concerned.

It’s not wise that the only marketing option for them to have is banner ads on popular WordPress community sites.

Training marketing from OSTraining to the rescue

Our sponsored training videos on YouTube have two objectives:

  • To create brand awareness
  • Teach new users how to use the sponsor’s services.

These two objectives kill two birds with one stone.

Placing our training on YouTube is the first step and starts to get the word out. We help brands like Acclaro, Nexcess hosting, or GoDaddy build a relationship with web developers.

Using YouTube SEO-optimized video titles, we help position the training so that it’s found by lots of developers.

Then, with easy to follow instructions in our high-quality training, we teach them valuable skills – – for free.

In the process, the videos tell them about and thank the sponsor, explain the sponsor’s services, and tell them how much and why we love their plugin or integration.

We do this all at the same time we teach them how to use it. In some pieces of training, we guide them to the sponsor’s desired conversion and even walk them through the checkout process.

The result: a rich-content wonderful WordPress course

The Acclaro sponsored WordPress Multilingual course starts with an introduction to the business benefits of launching a multilingual WordPress site.

It continues by presenting information on translation ready WordPress themes and plugins and installing WPML.

Then it discusses in-depth how to configure WPML, translate menus, sidebars, and content with WPML, and connecting WordPress to a professional translation agency.

The series culminates with an in-depth explanation of how to manage multilingual WordPress content without having to leave WordPress.

Acclaro offers WordPress developers a direct integration to its translation management platform and translation services using the WPML plugin.

This integration makes it much easier for WordPress web administrators and content managers to launch multilingual WordPress content.

Acclaro’s and OSTraining’s “Building Multilingual Sites with WordPress” course is an incredible resource for developers to learn how to effectively build a professional, multilingual website.

Do you need to target a niche market?

Please consider training-marketing. Reach out to us and we can work with your team to design a course that will reach your target.