How to Generate a Great Marketing Impact with a Small Investment

Training-marketing can place your brand in front of thousands of web developers for hundreds or even thousands of minutes each day.

It creates more than just impressions and good faith. It creates and develops a relationship between the sponsor and the viewer.

With lessons designed to teach and influence the viewer in a positive way, training-marketing provides ROI that beats any type of online marketing.

Did you know that training sponsorships can also be very affordable?

One Small, But An Effective Example

A little over two years ago we published a short class on YouTube sponsored by InMotion Hosting.

It was only eleven videos long and had a very simple and easy promise to teach the viewer how to¬†“Build your First Drupal 8 Site in 1 Hour”.

The playlist became an immediate success and has garnered over 150k views and over 460k minutes total view time.

Views That Grow And Grow

More than two years have passed since we launched the class and its performance is not waning.

Watch Time In Minutes Per Month

Imagine placing your logo in front of your target audience for hundreds of thousands of minutes.

A Great Value For Money

A short, eleven-video course like this one costs between $5 and $8,000 to sponsor for one year.

The renewal price is determined based on how many updates the videos need. In this case, they did not need updating in which case the renewal cost was discounted.

Still Relevant After 26 Months

It may seem remarkable that these videos are still growing in views after more than two years.

However, we have found that such growth is normal.

Sponsorships Can Be Tailored for Almost Any Sized Budget

Contact us, we can quickly find the right sponsorship for your target audience, and, at the right price.