Answers to common questions we're asked about training-marketing
How does training-marketing work?

We can create a training video course or book designed to help your company market to, and influence, any specific group of web developers. 

When you sponsor training videos or books, your company will be used exclusively to teach them e.g. how to host a site. In doing so, you'll:

  • Familiarize them with your company and services.
  • Place your brand in front of them.
  • Develop good-faith toward your company.

Influence them at an early stage: before users are set in their ways.

We can create training to target almost anyone: beginners, intermediates, or advanced users of almost any software platform.

How much involvement is needed from a sponsor?

As much as you want, really. Some sponsors are very hand's on, while others are not at all. If you want to be hand's on, the process would go something like this:

  • We draft the course syllabus, and share it with you.
  • We work together on it, make sure it covers all your objectives.
  • Based on the syllabus, the trainer drafts the video scripts and we share these with you.
  • We work together on them, and make sure they cover your objectives.
  • With your sign-off, we start recording the videos.

Important: The quality of the videos is not affected whether the sponsor participates or not. e.g. for both the Drupal 8 Training and WP Beginner Training we did not receive input from the sponsor. We developed these entirely on our own.

How much does it cost?

Video sponsorship costs depend on the number of videos and the updates and maintenance they will require.

  • An 11 video class recently cost a sponsor $6,000 / year.
  • A 30 video course cost another sponsor $18,000 / year.
  • A large +60 video course cost another sponsor $48,000 / year.

Book sponsorships cost $6-8,000 / year depending on the number of ebooks included. They normally include 500 ebooks, but some sponsors have asked to buy more.

How long does a sponsorship last? 

Sponsorship contracts are set for a term of 1 year.

How do you track the effectiveness of the videos? 

The best instrument we can use is to link to specific landing pages at our sponsor's site where they can track traffic and conversions.

We can also use a coupon offering a special offer available only to the YouTube viewers. Yes, YouTube has limitations, but in spite of this, one hosting company calls our training-marketing, "the best CPA they have found so far".

Sponsored books may include up to 4 ads for the sponsor, and these may have links to specific landing pages and/or use coupons.

How are the videos made available to viewers?

The videos will be placed on YouTube and properly indexed and tagged. They will also be placed at and partner sitesavailable to OSTraining's +20k subscribers.