How to Flatten the Dreaded Drupal Learning Curve

It might have been 10 years ago that I first saw this graphic about the learning curves of the top 4 CMS’s.

Let’s be honest here, the reason the graphic was funny, was because it was true. Drupal used to be much more difficult to learn than the other CMS’s – – exponentially so.

Not any more.

We know this all too well because we have been teaching folks how to use Drupal for a long time. During the last 10 years OSTraining has been present at droves of DrupalCons and DrupalCamps all over the US. A corporate live training program also reached countless Fortune 500 companies, Government agencies, Universities, and NGO’s.

It was during these years that we recorded close to a thousand Drupal training videos and wrote the best-selling books Drupal 7 Explained, Drupal 8 Explained, and sold hundreds of thousands of paid memberships to OSTraining. Our Drupal training is easily the best in the world.

Having partnered with Acquia a number of times, in 2015 they approached us with the biggest challenge yet. They thought we could help them kill two birds with one stone. They wanted us to create a comprehensive video library to help flatten the dreaded Drupal learning curve. No quick tutorial here, the training was to be extensive and it was to be placed on YouTube, thus accomplishing two feats:

  1. To make Drupal fun and easy to learn as we introduce the Acquia brand to thousands of starting web developers.
  2. To develop a new legion of loyal Drupal fans while strengthening the community around the CMS.

The result from this training-marketing partnership was the 63 Drupal 8 Beginner Tutorial Videos first published at the end of 2015. While it’s doubtful every person needs to see every one of the 63 videos, we learned such varied content is useful because it makes folks more likely to start learning Drupal. Our research shows that developers are 3X more likely to try a new technology or software when they see that there’s high quality training available for it. It seems all this training gives them the confidence to jump in.

As the Drupal 8 Beginner Tutorials are nearing 2 million views, there is no doubt that the mission was accomplished. The videos have been a wonderful marketing tool for Drupal as they engage hundreds of thousands of new users. At the same time, they have placed and introduced the Acquia brand to people that will likely have the opportunity to work with them in some way in the future.

This is another successful story of training-marketing from OSTraining.