Doubling down on Magento Training-Marketing

It started with a video sponsorship

In February 2017, Nexcess Hosting sponsored our Beginner Magento Training Video series on YouTube. Being one of the top Magento hosting companies, Nexcess was looking to increase it’s share of this lucrative market.

Like many hosting companies, Nexcess had never heard of training-marketing, but it took a chance and struck gold. The video series has been able to introduce Nexcess to hundreds of thousands of starting Magento web developers.

As far as branding exercises go, it’s remarkable that these videos are able to place the Nexcess brand in front of it’s target audience over 2,000 minutes each day! What else on the web can do that?

Our video sponsorships are usually one-year terms, so in February 2018 when it was time to renew their sponsorship for one more year, Nexcess jumped at the chance.

Then came a book sponsorship

In a previous blog I explained how many companies are using our award-winning “Explained Series” of books in their training-marketing. So when we decided to write a “Magento 2 Explained” book, it fit with Nexcess’ marketing plans perfectly.

While the YouTube video sponsorships serve as part of a push marketing-strategy, presenting the brand to new potential customers, book sponsorships serve as a great pull marketing-strategy. The book sponsorship includes thousands of ebooks the sponsor can then use as lead generating devices to great effect.

Sponsors are at liberty to create a myriad of uses for their ebooks:

  • They could print cards to hand out at conferences and have them redeem the coupon at a special landing page at their site.
  • The ebooks are ideal for social media. The sponsor can tweet that “the first 100 people that visit the site, and fill a form, can get the ‘Magento Explained’ ebook worth $9.99.”
  • In a similar fashion, it can be tied to a conversion or an upgrade. “The first 500 people to sign up or upgrade to a Premium hosting plan gets the ebook worth $9.99.”
  • The sponsor is even allowed to sell their copies. For example, “TODAY-ONLY: sign up to a Basic Magento hosting plan and get Magento Explained worth $9.99 for just $1.”

A great, and measurable ROI

We work hand-in-hand with Nexcess and our other sponsors to include coupons, tracking links, offers, and relevant copy to help them drive qualified traffic and conversions from the books and the videos back to specific landing pages at their site.