It started with a video sponsorship

In February 2017, Nexcess Hosting sponsored our Beginner Magento Training Video series on YouTube. Being one of the top Magento hosting companies, Nexcess was looking to increase it’s share of this lucrative market.

Like many hosting companies, Nexcess had never heard of training-marketing, but it took a chance and struck gold. The video series has been able to introduce Nexcess to hundreds of thousands of starting Magento web developers.

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Magento Beginner Tutorials Reach 1/4 Million Views on the Day Magento Joins Adobe

Earlier today, Adobe announced it will buy Magento for $1.68 billion.

This type of announcement typically leaves users unsettled. Many Magento users on Reddit don’t seem too happy about it.

While its understandable to fear the unknown, one thing is certain, when anyone spends more than a billion dollars on anything, they most definitely have ambitious plans for it.

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How to Target a Lucrative Niche Within the WordPress Market

Our training-marketing sponsorships work best when companies sponsor training videos that genuinely benefit the community.

It stands to reason, that companies see these videos as an investment and will only sponsor them if they are going to help grow their business.

At OSTraining, we help these two objectives meet when we create training videos that benefit the community and at the same time help grow the sponsor’s business.

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Training-marketing can place your brand in front of thousands of web developers for hundreds or even thousands of minutes each day.

It creates more than just impressions and good faith. It creates and develops a relationship between the sponsor and the viewer.

With lessons designed to teach and influence the viewer in a positive way, training-marketing provides ROI that beats any type of online marketing.

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A long time ago, advertisers had to guess how effective a print, radio, or tv campaign had been. Then came online marketing and, to a great degree, ended that guessing game.

That’s because, in stark contrast to non-digital marketing, with online marketing we are able to see (almost) exactly how each dollar we invest performs.

Our training-marketing at OSTraining may be different from traditional online marketing, but we still want to track it. It’s just not enough that the YouTube training videos a company sponsored generated loads of good faith and more than 2 million views. They want to see the ROI!

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