Our training-marketing can effectively place your company and services in front of thousands of web developers.

Influencer Marketing

The teacher-student relationship gives us a unique position from which to talk about your products and how much we like them.

This type of influencer marketing can deliver an ROI that is over 11 times greater than other forms of digital media.

Targeted Training

We'll work with you to create a YouTube class designed to reach and influence over a specific audience or type of web developer.

Sponsored books, part of our Explained Series of books, are immensely effective when sponsors use them as lead generating devices.

Training for Web Developers

Our training-marketing will help you build a relationship with the $20 billion a year web development market. 

Our classes can reach starting web developers not set in their ways, advanced users interested in enterprise solutions, and anyone in between.

3 million views - and growing!

The videos are seen for more than 6,000 minutes each day!

Acquia partnered with OSTraining to create a video course that teaches Drupal 8. The videos were placed on YouTube and became enormously popular.

Acquia was able to showcase their brand to a vast group of starting Drupal web developers while it strengthened the community around their product.

Watch the Drupal 8 Training on YouTube


June 2017

Sponsored the WordPress Beginner Tutorial course.

The 40 videos of the GoDaddy-sponsored WordPress training are the most comprehensive and up-to-date free WordPress training videos available on the web. For GoDaddy it is a means of positioning their company and services to thousands of beginner WordPress developers. The training teaches how to install and host WordPress at GoDaddy exclusively.


February 2017

Sponsored the Magento Beginner Training course.

The 30 videos of the Beginner Magento tutorial will guide starting web developers on the path to becoming proficient Magento users. Each training video features a sponsor-cover information page, where we thank Nexcess for being the official sponsor and for making this resource available on YouTube. In this course, we use Nexcess exclusively to teach how to host a Magento site.


April 2017

Sponsored the Drupal 8 Explained book.

Our “Drupal 7 Explained” book became the best selling Drupal book. Intent on gaining a stronger foothold of the Drupal hosting market, Pantheon hosting sponsored our “Drupal 8 Explained” book. The sponsorship means that we use Pantheon hosting as the sole alternative to teach how to host a Drupal site. Included in the sponsorship, they got lots of ebooks to use as lead generators.

InMotion Hosting

December 2015

Sponsored the Build Your First Drupal 8 Site class.

We worked with the InMotion Hosting team to create a Drupal class that would present their company to large numbers of beginner Drupal web developers. The class has been seen over 100k times and even a year later continues to get several thousand views per month. This training-marketing effort has helped build the InMotion brand in the Drupal hosting market.


June 2016

Sponsored the Drupal 8 Site Building course.

The Glowhost team wanted to gain market share among intermediate Drupal web developers and we created this course designed to help position their company with this market. The course showcases Glowhost's Drupal features designed for intermediate to advanced web developers. The coursess has been very popular and has been seen over 100k times during the last year.


September 2016

Sponsored the How to Use Ecwid for eCommerce Sites course. 

The 32 video series we created for Ecwid guides starting online store owners through the steps to build a professional eCommerce site using the Ecwid shopping cart solution. They killed two birds with one stone because by using our training-marketing, they also introduced Ecwid to thousands of new users. 


Q1 2018

Sponsored the Multilingual WordPress Training class.

Acclaro, world leader in translation and localization services, is partnering with OSTraining to develop training-marketing to help promote their CMS integration solutions starting with the WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML).


December 2015

Sponsored the Drupal 8 Beginner Tutorials course.

This 63 video course has been seen over 2 million times and continues to get more than 70k views per month. The course has introduced Drupal and Acquia to hundreds of thousands of new users. Some are new to web development, however, the interesting thing is that many came from competing CMS's. 

Many sponsorships available.

PHP, HTML5, CSS3, WordPress for Small Business, Drupal Developer Series, WordPress for the Enterprise, and other custom and tailored topics available.

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